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MAN IN THE CITY / THE CITY IN MAN - Nowadays, a city is a machine for living; it is an endlessly mechanized environment where man is but a cog in this complex construction, in this perpetual motion machine rolling on and on, blurring faces and leaving only shadows instead along the way. Without even noticing it, we blend into our environment, and are no longer separate, individual structures, as we grow into pedestrian tunnels, as we become petrified details of sculptures, or turn into barely visible reflections in shop and skyscraper windows. Whereas the big city seems to be gaining a body of its own – looking at the world with its windows wide open, reaching for the sky as its high-rises stand proudly towering over people beneath. So it has come to a point where it is hard to tell if it is Man who lives in the City or if it is the City that lives in Man?

человек в городе 2.jpg
человек в городе 4.jpg
человек в городе 5.jpg
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человек в городе 12.jpg
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