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AND THERE WAS NO SKY - The line that has separated from the eternity is no longer there. The step behind the horizon has been taken. The final hurdle has been overcome. In the irreal space beyond what is possible lies the naked reality, without any speculations or distortions, where the world has been decomposed into primeval elements and is devoid of any geographic characteristics whatsoever. Such notions as "sky", "water" and "sand" have made way for elements of sacral geometry of "patterns", "shadows" and "spots".

Will our eyes be able to take in the entire breadth of the void rushing in, which, being a deeply personal notion, is only visible to the inner sight? Are we capable of touching this incorporeal matter and committing to memory this ephemeral projection that only last for a few seconds?

а неба не было rgb 1.jpg
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Evgeniya Strygina - And there was no sky - 09.jpg
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