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PENDULUM - The biggest capital cities in the world have reached the limit of possible expansion, as there is hardly any space left for them to grow, and they are so densely populated, so noisy and polluted and find it so hard to cope with their transportation issues that they could be soon facing a crisis.

At the same time, smaller neighboring cities potentially possess a limitless supply of similar resources. They could be developing as a robust economic entity, but it is turning into a giant bedroom suburb instead.​The construction conveyor belt tirelessly produces identical residential buildings, with new neighborhoods being completed in a matter of months, even though they have little to offer in terms of labor and employment, forcing lots of people to live a life of a pendulum – sleeping outside the megacity and commuting to megacity to work.​Your home is nothing more than a place to sleep in, a starting point for the day’s exhausting journey – through the miles-long traffic jams to your office and back.

Your home does not feel like "a place" anymore; it has become a reality of transit with effaced identity, a temporary shelter, a sterile space devoid of any distinctive features.

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